The weather doesn’t take a break, and neither do our visitors! provides a cross-platform vehicle that allows our sponsors to reach nearly 5,000 viewers each and every day. Using our weather-aware advertising system, we’re able to provide campaigns that dynamically adapt and react to the weather in real-time helping brands reach consumers with a targeted, relevant message based on always changing weather conditions.

We’re serving up weather data around the clock

Our users are unique in that most access on average 3 times per day (morning, afternoon, and evening). When active weather strikes that number can almost quadruple into an average of 12 visits per day.

We don’t blanket cover Ottawa

If you’re a pizza shop in Orleans, it wouldn’t make much sense to show your ads to users in Kanata. 90% of users set a home location when they first access the site, allowing us to serve up hyper-local ads that are relevant to them, and more cost effective to you. However, if a sponsor wishes to deploy a city-wide campaigns, those are available.

Privacy is important to us and our users

We offer our sponsors insights into how many times their ads have been viewed and clicked and what devices (i.e desktop or tablet) said actions were performed on, but we do not collect statistics such as age, gender, IP addresses, service provider, or exact location. We don’t want to anger our customers by invading their privacy, and we ask that your ads hold to this standard as well.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you

We have in-house creative services that will help you craft your advertisements and create a campaign. We’ll also take care of hosting and serving the ads. If you already have a designed ad from a previous campaign or otherwise, we would be more than happy to use that as well (providing it meets IAB ad standards).

Advertising on

  • Average of 1.7k users per day (and growing)
  • Average of 2k page views per day
  • Monthly traffic of nearly 60k pages
  • Highly targetable users across the city
  • City-wide campaigns available

Available Ad Placements

  • 720×90 Leaderboard (Top Banner)
  • 300×250 Sidebox (Right Nav Bar)
  • 680×50 Inline Box (Within Content)
  • Video pre-roll, logo burn, and overlays
  • Full-site exclusive branding available

We can’t wait to hear from you

Give us a call at 613-319-1111 and dial 110 for sales. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you start your journey of advertising on